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American University's Student Media Board is the collaborative effort of nine media organizations: AmLit, The American Word, ATV, AWOL, The Eagle, Her Campus AU, WVAU, and Spoon AU. Every organization is completely student-run, and open to all students at AU regardless of school, class or major. Whether you're into print or broadcast journalism, creative or opinion writing, photography or filmography, DJing or directing, you're certain to find a creative outlet that's right for you!


American Literary (AmLit) is American University's literary magazine and creative arts outlet on campus. The magazine is published twice a year, and features poetry, prose, photography, art and short film submitted by the campus community.

The American Word

The American Word is American University's general-interest magazine. Its sections include Around DC, Lifestyle, On the Quad, Politics and Health. American Word is a great opportunity for students to flex their writing skills and have their work published.


American Television (ATV) is American University's student-run television station, which broadcasts 24/7 on campus cable channels 2 and 15, and streams online. ATV produces nearly a dozen shows, and provides students with a unique environment to gain hands-on experience working in the fields of video production and broadcast journalism.


American Way Of Life (AWOL) is a progressive magazine run by American University students. AWOL exists to ignite campus discussion of social, cultural, and political issues, and serve as an outpost for students to explore solutions to local and global problems.

The Eagle

The Eagle is American University's award-winning undergraduate student newspaper, in circulation since 1925. The newspaper publishes news and features online daily and two print newspapers a semester.

Her Campus AU

Her Campus is the #1 online magazine for college women. With content on Style, Beauty, Health, Love, Life, and Career, Her Campus serves as a hub for everything college women need to know about today. Her Campus American University is a student-run campus branch of the publication.

The Photo Collective

The Photo Collective is a community of photographers at American University, aimed at connecting student photographers with opportunities regarding photography. The Photo Collective hosts workshops, guest speakers, portfolio reviews, and goes on photo excursions in addition to an end-of-semester student photography exhibition.


WVAU is American University's student-run internet radio station. WVAU broadcasts online, covering the best in indie, hip-hop, electronica, experimental, jazz, folk, world music and more. WVAU's members include over 80 DJs and volunteers, offering a unique musical perspective you won't find anywhere else.

Spoon AU

Spoon University is the everyday food resource for our generation, on a mission to make food make sense. On our site, you can find the simplest recipes, the most obvious hacks you can’t believe you didn’t know, and the best restaurants around campus that you haven’t found yet. For many of us, this is the first time we’re navigating our campuses or our kitchens on our own, and Spoon University is here to simplify and celebrate that.