AmLit  is a literary publication comprised of poetry, prose, photography, art, and short films submitted by the AU campus community and published biannually at the end of the fall and spring semesters. The magazine is available both in print and online. 

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ATVis the only video-based media organization on campus, focusing on broadcast television and creative projects. All of our programs are hosted, produced, edited, and managed by students. We have three branches, news, sports, and creative, where we strive to produce professional journalism and film.  


AWOL is an investigative journalism publication that produces articles, podcasts, and documentaries. AWOL aims to continue pushing both ourselves and American University to be more critical of issues that deserve to be understood with nuance, to work subversively when dismantling barriers that suppress certain voices, and to love irrepressibly when it comes to serving our community. 

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The Blackprint is an online and print publication at American University. We serve as a platform for raising minority issues and an amplifier of marginalized voices. As a part of student media board, our primary goal is to inform people of what’s going on in their school community, keep them up to date with the latest cultural happenings, cover local events, and highlight the work of student leaders. We invite all minds and majors on this endless journey to stay honest, stay brilliant and #staywoke.


The Eagle is AU's award-winning student-run newspaper that publishes daily content online, creates online multimedia projects and releases one print edition per semester. The Eagle is the student newspaper of record for American University and is editorially independent from the University. Our mission is to serve as a historical record of the news and events of the American University community. 

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Her Campus at American University is a women and non-binary-run media organization that publishes both online and in print. HCAU publishes pieces covering a wide array of topics, including politics and pop culture.   

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Photo Collective is a community of photographers at American University who come together for shoots, editing, and events. We strive to be an outlet for students to explore creativity and get work published while also advancing their skills in the area of photography. 

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Second District Records. The DMV is known for its 'First District' – the domination of politics and international relations. But there is, however, a 'Second District,' one that people fail to recognize – the heavy, vibrant music scene that has come to represent the area in various ways. We at SDR want to embrace the music, talent, and diversity of the DMV – we believe in the power of being


WVAU is a club where lovers of any and all kinds of music can come together to enjoy our common passion in a safe space. WVAU has something to offer for everyone - we not only have DJ staff for our student-run internet-only broadcast, but we also have art staff that contribute to our music-inspired zine, web staff that write columns on pertinent music topics, and music staff that review albums to add into our rack rotation. WVAU also offers several free on-campus concerts a semester including "Capitol Boogie," as well as our longstanding tradition of punk shows in the Kay Basement.